What is a Men’s Shed?

Men’s Sheds are community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun. Find out more about them.

Contact Cambourne Men’s Shed

If you are interested in joining Cambourne Men’s Shed, or want to find out more information, then please email cambournemensshed@gmail.com.

Founding of Group

Cambourne Men’s Shed was founded as an Unincorporated Association on Tuesday, November 29 at the inaugural AGM meeting. For further details see the:


  • Chair: Greg Thompson
  • Vice-Chair: Mahesh Hettiarachchi 
  • Secretary: John Panrucker
  • Treasurer: Kishore Anand

Key Documentation:

Bank Account

  • A Community Group type bank account has been established with Metro Bank (Cambridge branch).

Grant Funding

  • An application to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cultivate Cambs fund was successful and £2000 was paid into the Cambourne Men’s Shed bank account.
  • A further application CPSL Mind’s Good Life fund was successful and £1000 was paid into Cambourne Men’s Shed bank account.
  • Total as of 03 Aug 2023 = £3000

The priorities for grant funding will be to cover the costs of establishing and operating the shed (e.g. insurance, room hire, safety equipment), contributions towards shared use of Cambridge Men’s Shed, purchasing tools and materials for Shed projects, fitting out premises, UK Mens Shed Association membership, Volunteer training, food and drink and promotional materials.

Partnership with Cambridge Men’s Shed

  • The committee has received the kind offer of using the established facilities at Cambridge Men’s Shed, which is based in the grounds of Madingley Hall. Committee members have visited the Shed and met with some of their members. The Chair will be visiting again on August 10 or 11 to confirm the process of joining Cambridge Shed, which will include an induction. The instructions will then be shared with the interested parties list so that anyone who wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in an active Shed will be able to do so. 


Cambourne Men’s Shed Premises

  • Cambourne Town Council have identified an area of land that can potentially be used for a building that would cater for Cambourne Scouts and Cambourne Men’s Shed. The area of land is next to the Crow Hill allotments. Cambourne Town Clerk has held a meeting with a supplier of modular buildings that could potentially build this premises at the allotments.
  • The next step will be to identify and speak to representatives of Cambourne Scouts, Beavers, Cubs and any other interested parties and to decide whether the project can proceed with the proposed shared usage of the building.

Engagement with UKMSA Ambassador Programme

  • A request was submitted to UKMSA to receive assistance from their Ambassador Programme, which seeks to help new Sheds become established.
  • We held a very informative meeting with UKMSA Ambassador Bob Adams, Trustee from Cressing Temple Community Shed, Braintree, Essex (see the minutes of the meeting).
  • Subsequent to this meeting, Bob has arranged further meetings with representatives of Shed’s within the Cambridgeshire area at which Cambourne Men’s Shed Secretary, John Panrucker, has been present.
  • Further meetings will be held with the objective of establishing a Cambridgeshire Men’s Shed Network to enable partnership and information sharing between Sheds in the County.

Engagement with other Cambridgeshire Sheds

  • The committee has established communication with, or contacts for, other Sheds in the Cambridgeshire area via the above referenced meetings and information provided by the County Council as part of the Cultivate Cambs grant application process. The committee will follow up on these contacts establish links with other Sheds and aid moves toward establishing a network.

Next Steps

  • Engage with the relevant groups to decide if the new building project can proceed
  • Confirm the process for joining and participating in Cambridge Men’s Shed at Madingley Hall
  • Continue capital grant application process for Cambourne Men’s Shed premises

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