What is a Men’s Shed?

Men’s Sheds are community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun. Find out more about them.

Further Information

If you are interested in joining Cambourne Men’s Shed, or want to find out more information, then please email cambournemensshed@gmail.com.

Cambourne Men’s Shed Status Update January 2023

Grant Application for up to £2000 in funding

  • Application was submitted in December and expect to receive the outcome in March

Bank Account

  • The Committee has identified a suitable community group type back account that can be used for the Shed, and the Treasurer is now compiling the document list required to open the account.

UKMSA Ambassador Programme

  • I have contacted the UK Mens Shed Association regarding their Ambassador programme (https://menssheds.org.uk/about/our-projects/) to check whether an Ambassador could share their knowledge and experience with our members as we look to take the next steps to commence meetings. UKMSA have acknowledged my request and I am awaiting a response as to whether an Ambassador is available to assist.

Visits to other local Sheds

  • Having been in touch with a couple of local Sheds, their preference is for 1 or 2 people to visit one of their meetings. As such, Cambourne Men’s Shed Secretary John Panrucker has kindly volunteered to arrange visits to local Sheds and will then report back to the group on his findings. If possible and useful, we can arrange additional visits at a future point.


  • Initial meetings of the Shed are likely to be BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools) and the first few meetings may just be a gathering for tea/coffee and to consider what kind of projects members would like to undertake (indoor or outdoor).
  • Members will need to decide on the frequency and timing of meetings. We have a meeting space (the Hub meeting room) and we know the current availability of the room so this information will be shared to enable a decision to be made 
  • We will arrange another meeting for prospective members shortly (possibly Tuesday, Feb 28) with the aim of starting Shed meetings as soon as possible

 Membership Structure

  • Members will need to decide on a membership structure so that people can formally join the Shed. If an annual membership fee is agreed, it may be wise to hold off implementing this until the Shed has been operating for a few months and has settled into a pattern of activities. At that point, with confidence that the Shed will continue, an annual fee (usually a small amount anyway) can be applied.
  • An interim measure could potentially be voluntary donations of £1 toward cost of food/drink

Greg Thompson

Chair – Cambourne Men’s Shed